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Sachsenmilch Leppersdorf GmbH is part of the international consortium Theo Müller which is operating in the food sector. Numerous subsidiaries with successful brands rank among the portfolio: Müller, Wiseman, Homann, Nadler, Weihenstephan, Almhof, Loose, Sachsenmilch and many more.

Sachsenmilch, aquired in 1994 by Theo Müller is one of the most efficient and mondern dairies in Europe. Since the acquisition more than 750 million Euros were invested for the expansion of the site. About 2.000 employees annually refine above 1.7 billion kilograms of milk for fresh dairy products, long-life milk, butter, milk and whey derivates and cheese.

We exclusively use raw materials for which we have highest quality requirements. With the latest  manufacturing processes and innovative product ideas we are able to present our company as a reliable supplier for the food industry and trade. Continous investments in technology together with product and packaging development provides products that are market-driven and adapted to our individual customer needs.


The basic dairy

The Leppersdorf plant is presented as a center of excellence due to its modern utility facilities, state of the art technology and optimum in-house material flow.

The basic dairy focuses on the production of long-life milk with varying fat contents. Mildly acidic butter is also made here in the churning plant. The dairy is one of five production areas in which milk is processed with the optimum use of raw materials to produce basic and fresh products, cheese and powder.

Die Milchfrischprodukte

The fresh products

The fresh products part of the plant produces yoghurt, buttermilk, milk rice, pudding and various mixed milk and drink products under the Sachsenmilch and Müller brands as well as for leading retail brands. These include well-known products such as Sachsenmilch Früchtchen, Müller Reine Buttermilch, Müller Milchreis and the "Yoghurt with the corner".

The cheese dairy

The cheese range mainly includes Edam, Gouda and Maasdam. They are produced as wheels (12 - 13 kg), blocks (15 kg) and loaves (3 kg) and are matured in fully-automated natural maturation storage. It also produces Mozzarella in various packaging.

Leppersdorf dairy also has ulta-modern equipment for sliced cheeses and so can service the growing self-service demand in Europe.

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Milk & Whey Ingredients

Milk & Whey Ingredients

The main business of Sachsenmilch Milk & Whey Ingredients is to produce high-quality milk and whey ingredients for the food industry. By using state-of-the-art gentle membrane technology, the fresh skimmed milk and whey from our in-house cheese dairies are processed into high-quality whey proteins, micellar casein concentrates, lactose products and natural milk calcium.